9 Natural Remedies for Common Travel Ailments ...


9 Natural Remedies for Common Travel Ailments ...
9 Natural Remedies for Common Travel Ailments ...

Whether you only use natural remedies at home, or are unsure about using medication purchased in foreign countries, you’ll should know there are some natural remedies for common travel ailments. These will hold you in good stead in most places you will travel to. Some you will have to take with you to be sure that you have it, others are common enough that you should be able to procure some in any destination. And like all natural medicines, the natural remedies for common travel ailments might not work for everyone but you won’t know until you give them a try.

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Jet Lag

One of the most common sought after natural remedies for common travel ailments is for jet lag. If you take a melatonin supplement you can reduce jet lag. It helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle in our bodies, which when disrupted causes what we know as jet lag. You’ll still feel it, but it won’t last as long.


Travel Anxiety

One of the best natural cures for travel problems is kava kava. Traveling is a stressful experience and the anxiety can ruin a vacation before it gets started. Grab some kava kava from the pharmacy and it will relax you. It’s a Polynesian blend used in ceremonies to promote a gradual decrease in emotional and physical tension.


Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is characterized by feeling dizzy and ill whilst on a flight, on a boat or in the taxi to the hotel. If you suffer from motion sickness, ginger tea is considered one the best natural cures for travel illnesses. Ginger tea has been shown to help relax the body and relieve motion sickness. You can also consider combining it with a vitamin B6 supplement.


Traveller’s Diarrhea

Diarrhea is the one thing travelers from across the world have in common. You might hear it referred to by colloquial and localized names such as Delhi Belly and Montezuma’s Revenge. The easiest way to avoid this issue in the first place is to drink bottled water and eat food which has been sealed in a packet first. If you want to prepare yourself in advance, take a strong probiotic a few weeks before leaving for your vacation. This will help you stock up large colonies of healthy bacteria in advance.



It’s not uncommon to see people who’re searching for natural cures for travel problems looking for something to deal with sunburn. In short, you won’t find a treatment for sunburn. The damage has already been done. To counter sunburn, you need to do it before you get sunburn. Use a good sunscreen which protects against UVA and UVB rays. Use sunscreen and keep hydrated. If it’s available, try drinking coconut water. It has more electrolytes than conventional water. Once the damage has been done however, aloe vera is one of the best natural soothers for sunburn and is usually easily available in raw form in countries with a hot climate.



The first night on vacation is always the hardest for sleep. Sometimes the excitement of traveling stops us from relaxing, or we can’t get used to sleeping in a different bed. There are many natural remedies for common travel ailments when it comes to sleep. Try shutting out external stimuli, like traffic, through using eye masks and ear plugs. You can also try using herbal sleeping tablets which should knock you out for the night. Herbal teas are another winner for regular holiday insomniacs. Anything you would use at home as a natural way to help you sleep will work when on vacation.


Bug Bites

There are numerous cures for bug bites. Mosquitoes and gnats are amongst the most annoying bugs you can encounter. To stop yourself from becoming a midnight snack for a thirsty mosquito, make sure your bed has a mosquito net and wear repellent at all times.Take vitamin B1 supplements as well. These radiate an odor only detected by bugs which repels them.


Cuts and Bruises

Whilst out on the road you might receive the odd cut or bruise. Firstly, use an antiseptic like tea tree oil. It’s very good at keeping out bad bacteria and cleaning the area. Arnica is another good alternative, and it also helps to massage sore muscles. Once you’ve cleaned the area, place a clean band aid or bandage over the affected area. It should be as good as new in no time. Keep applying antiseptic every few days to make sure you reduce your risk of infection.


Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness happens when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen from being further above sea level that you are acclimatized to. If you live in a low lying area, you’ll suffer from this the most. Consider using rhodiola rosea to help you. This herb helps your body to fight back against combat fatigue and increase energy. This addresses the symptoms of altitude sickness more than the actual cause.

If you use supplements or herbal medicines at home for similar problems you encounter when traveling, still use them. Think about others you use that might apply for other symptoms. It’s hard to plan for exactly what might make you fall sick on vacation, but you can be prepared with natural remedies for the most common travel ailments. What natural remedies do you never travel without?

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Tea Tree oil is also good for preventing mosquito bites. Sprinkling some on your bed sheets should stop them coming anywhere near you :0)

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