7 National Forests to Lose Yourself in ...

With the mass deforestation and degradation of woodlands, it’s good to know there are national forests protected and conserved for our enjoyment. There’s something so special about tramping through a densely wooded area listening to the sound of foliage crunch under your feet and the chirrup of bird song, or a rustle as a hidden monkey swings from liana to liana. Many, many countries have national forests for us to appreciate in all sorts of ways. Here’s a few spectacular ones.

1. Black Forest (Schwarzwald), Germany

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Take a walk on the wild side; enter the Black Forest in Germany – one of the most well known national forests in the world. Located in Baden-Württemberg, a stroll in this wooded mountain range will make you feel as though you’ve walked into the pages of a fairytale – Snow White’s forest or Hansel & Gretel’s – as there’s nowhere else so dark in nature. The Black Forest’s name was derived from the Romans, as the dense and closely standing conifers block out nearly all light. The area is vast and chock full of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, footpaths, towns, cross-country skiing and mountain biking trails, as well as an abundance of wildlife. The forest is also home to unique culture, which includes traditional skills in wood-carving (especially Cuckoo Clocks) and some delicious cuisine (such as Black Forest ham and gateau).

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