Mystical Forests πŸŒ²πŸ¦„ for Stressed 😩 Girls Needing to Find πŸ” Their Inner Zen ✌🏼 ...

The mysticism of forests has been known for centuries. Indeed, some ancient civilizations believed in the spirits of the trees and in some modern philosophies (developed from ancient beliefs like Druidism) trees are sacred. The trees, the undergrowth, the beautiful plants and flowers, the wildlife and the magical ways light moves are what make forests special and they’re a wonderful place to commune not only with nature but oneself.

1. Black Forest – Germany

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The name in itself gives off a super mythical vibe, and Germany’s Black Forest is the home to a number of local legends and myths that are known the world over. From ghosts lurking in the trees to nymphs hiding along the winding pathways, the forest and its quaint hiking trails will fill you with wonder.

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