7 of My Top Things to do in Rome ...

Rome is a lovely, magical place for dreamers and romantics. Planning a trip to Rome? Guest contributor Marta shares some of her favorite things to do in Rome! Thanks Marta!

Rome is one of those places that always surprises travellers. From its amazing arts galleries to the warm aroma of the pizzerias, the Italian capital is an outdoor museum that encourages us to keep our eyes open at all times. Because there are so many things to do and see in the Eternal City, these are my top 5 must-do things to do in one day. Welcome to La Dolce Vita!

1. Eat a Slice of Pizza (or Two) at Piazza Di Spagna Stairs

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Why pizza? Because itΒ΄s of the things you canΒ΄t miss if you travel to Rome. Its taste will easily transport you to another level. Forget what you know about how pizzas are made in your country and let yourself go with the taste from wood-fired ovens. Even more, if you have the pleasure to take your snack to the stairs at Piazza di Spagna, youΒ΄d probably understand why the Italian capital is called the Eternal City. Avoid sitting next to foreign tourists, instead go near to the little local groups and prepare yourself to experience the Italian conversation.

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