9 Must-Visit Places in Helsinki That Are Simply Amazing ...

If you’re planning a trip to Finland this autumn, you might be wondering what some of the must-visit places in Helsinki are. You’ll be pleased to know that Helsinki won’t be too cold at this time of year, with average temperatures of around 14 – 16 degrees centigrade. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your winter woollies though, and make sure to pack some comfortable shoes for walking, as there are so many must-visit places in Helsinki that you could find yourself on your feet all day! Here are some places you simply can’t afford to miss during your trip.

1. The Design District

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Whether you’re dotty about design, adore architecture or go crackers for creativity, you need to visit Helsinki’s Design District; it’s one of the must-visit places in Helsinki. The best way to see the area is on foot, on one of the tailored walking routes – you can find more information about the routes and what you’ll see on Helsinki’s official tourism website: visithelsinki.fi. For those interested in sustainability, the ‘sustainable design shopping and local food’ walking route will be right up your street!

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