7 Must See Monuments in Washington DC ...

No visit to the US capital is complete without exploring the historic monuments in Washington DC. These prized monuments attract thousands of visitors each year. A key factor that drives this attraction has to do with the fact that the monuments provide a link between the past and present. Each monument tells a story and honors the milestones that the US has achieved as a nation. With that said, the idea of being in the presence of these larger than life structures is likely to spark the interest of travel lovers, history buffs and everyone in between. So let’s not delay, but instead, kick start this countdown of the must see monuments in Washington DC.

1. The Washington Monument

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When it comes to visiting the National Mall, the Washington Monument is probably one of the first structures that come to mind. Standing 555 feet tall, this obelisk-shaped memorial was built in honor the first US president, George Washington. It is located between the US capital and another favorite, the Lincoln Memorial. To help preserve its visual appeal, a restoration project was initiated in 1998 and was completed in 2002.With all of its great features, it's easy to see why this memorial is one of the must see monuments in Washington DC.

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