10 Must See Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona ...

There are very few cities in this world that can be defined by a single architect, but Barcelona is one of them. The man behind the most iconic buildings in the Spanish city is Antoni Gaudi, the founder of Catalan Modernism. His highly individual designs are instantly recognizable, drawing on all those things that influenced his creativity including mosaics, ceramics, stained glass, carpentry, and wrought iron work. Whether you’re interested in architecture as a student or just appreciate good, strong design, you can’t really explore and see the best of the Catalan capital without an itinerary that takes in the best Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.

1. La Pedrera

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Gaudi let his imagination run wild with waves and twirls in the design of this most unusual looking building. More like a piece of sculpture than a residence, it still manages to possess a harmonious flow with iron balconies and irregular bits and pieces in its construction. In 1984, UNESCO declared La Pedrera as a World Heritage site.

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