Must-Go Destinations for Book Nerds ...

Love to read? Love to travel? If you want to combine your two passions there are plenty of literary sites around the world for your attention:

1. Emily Dickinson Museum

Amhurst, MA, USA

2. Margaret Mitchell House and Museum

Atlanta, GA, USA

3. Mark Twain House and Museum

Hartford, CT, USA

4. Edith Wharton's Home

The Mount, Lenox, MA, USA

5. Jane Austen House and Museum

Chawton, England

6. Ernest Hemingway’s Birthplace and Museum

Oak Park, IL, USA

7. Nietzsche's House

Sils-Maria, Switzerland

8. Oscar Wilde's Childhood Home

Dublin, ROI

9. Herman Melville’s Grave

Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY, USA

10. The Bronte Parsonage

Haworth, England

11. Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
Indianapolis, IN, USA

12. Tennessee Williams' Windmill Home

Stony Brook Southampton campus, Southampton, NY, USA

13. Leo Tolstoy's Home

Yasnaya Polyana, Russia

14. William Faulkner's Rowan Oak

Oxford, MS, USA

15. Alex Haley House and Museum

Henning, TN, USA

16. Dorothy Parker Birthplace

Long Branch, NJ, USA

17. Maison De Balzac

Paris, France

18. The Chekov Library

Taganrog, Russia

19. O. Henry's House and Museum

Austin, TX, USA

20. Franz Kafka’s Grave

The New Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic

21. Charles Dickens' Home and Museum

London, England

22. Green Gables

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada

23. Truman Capote's New York Apartment

70 Willow Street, New York, USA

24. Monks House - Home of Virginia Woolf

Rodmell, England

25. H.P. Lovecraft’s House

Providence, RI, USA

26. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Birthplace,

St. Paul, MN, USA

27. Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum

Grasmere, England

28. The Gogol House

Moscow, Russia

29. Les Deux Magots

Paris, France
Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, and many others hung out here

30. Henry Miller Memorial Library

Big Sur, CA, USA

31. Karl Marx House

Trier, Germany

32. P.L. Travers' Childhood Home

Allora, QLD, Australia

33. Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Richmond, VA, USA

34. John Updike's House

Shillington, PA, USA

35. The Birthplace of Harry Potter - the Elephant House

Edinburgh, Scotland

36. Shakespeare's Birthplace

Stratford-upon-Avon, England

37. Ralph Waldo Emerson House

Concord, MA, USA

38. Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden

Springfield, MA, USA

39. Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House

Concord, MA, USA

40. The Steinbeck House

Salinas, CA, USA