7 Music Meccas around the World ...

While many a field turns into a mega summer music festival and the best clubs always attract the It-crowds, the music Meccas of the world are a permanent imprint and testament to the power of music. They attract pilgrims into their welcoming bosom with a powerful history and a wealth of venues where the sweetest sounds are made and heard. I wonder. Which of these music Meccas would you make your pilgrimage to?

1. Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, USA

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While known to everyone as the country music capital of the world, musicians know Nashville to be one of the worldโ€™s greatest music Meccas. Musicians of all genres flock to Nashville, as โ€œThe Music Cityโ€ has jump started or redefined many a musicianโ€™s career. The picturesque scenery surrounding Nashville, along with its moderate size of 750,000 residents, makes the city charming, livable and more than loveable. Home to the Grand Ole Opry, this live radio broadcast occurs every Saturday night and was first established in 1925. Broadcasting on WSM station, nab a ticket to the live show at the 4400-seat Grand Ole Opry House. The legendary show draws thousands every year as itโ€™s hosted some of country musicโ€™s biggest stars, including Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

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