7 Most Weird Forms of Transport - Would You Try One?

There are various types of transport that we encounter in our everyday lives: from cars to trains, we have become used to using transport to get from A to B. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid travelling to school every day or a pensioner using the bus to get their weekly shopping, we constantly rely on regular types of transport – however this is my list of 7 Weird Types of Transport that will leave you feeling somewhat disappointed with your car or bike!

1. Madeira’s Toboggan – the Daredevil’s Transport

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Madeira is a small and quaint Portuguese island renowned for its natural beauty. However there is something unique about the island – the suburb of Monte, high above the capital, contains toboggans that you can travel down the 2km hill in at speeds of up to 45 km per hour! The method of transport originated in the 1800s and was used by the locals, but now has become a popular tourist attraction – are you brave enough to take on this type of transport?

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