Most Romantic πŸ’‘ Christmas πŸŽ„ Vacation Destinations 🌎 for a Love Filled πŸ’˜ Holiday ...

Phew. You made it through Thanksgiving. Now you're looking for the most romantic Christmas vacation destinations. Getting away from the hustle and bustle always makes sense. It gives you some time for each other and allows you to experience something new for the holidays. Here are the most romantic Christmas vacation destinations.

1. Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina

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One of the most most romantic Christmas vacation destinations is in North Carolina. When I think of romantic getaways, I think the Biltmore. And at Christmas time, it’s even better. Christmas at Biltmore, as it is dubbed, lasts from November 4 to January 8 and tickets range from $50 to $75, so it’s the most inexpensive vacation you’ll ever take. Plus, if you spring for the β€œCandlelight Christmas Evening,” you can take a tour of the estate after nightfall and see the 55-foot tall spruce on the front lawn lit up.

Also, there are horse-drawn carriages rides along with the regular tour of the estate and winery. If you would like more than just a day trip, you can stay at the Biltmore Inn, Village Hotel or Cottage on the estate. The Village Hotel has your more moderate pricing and the Biltmore Inn and Cottage are your luxurious accommodations.

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