8 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2012 ...

Most of us have our own ideas on which of the most expensive cities but these are a personal point of view. Every year various lists of the most expensive cities in the world are prepared by business publications, travel guides or economic institutions. These lists are compiled on various indices to allow a rational comparison. Although the most expensive cities may appear in a different order on the various lists, essentially the lists contain the same locations. Most of the entries on the lists are expected, but every now and then up pops a surprise. Here are 8 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2012.

1. Melbourne, Australia

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According to recent surveys listing the most expensive cities in the world, Melbourne came up to a whopping number 8 on the list. Taking into account the cost of fuel, food and other living expenses, Melbourne has catapulted up 6 places on the list compiled performed by cost of living survey giant, Mercer, from 2011 to 2012. Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia, and the desirability of living here is at the heart of its climb up the list.

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