9 Monumental Places to Go in Montreal ...

When it comes to places to go in Montreal, this city certainly has its fair share of wonders. The “Cultural Capital” of Canada is renowned to be one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and romantic cities, its upbeat and multicultural ambiance continually attracting tourists from all over the globe. With such a vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and centuries of history merging together to give Montréal, la ville aux cents clochers (the city of a hundred steeples), a unique North American and European flavour, it is no wonder that this city became the famous tourist destination that it is today, with many beautiful places to see in Montreal having already gained international acclaim. Exciting, artistic, sophisticated, and sometimes a bit cruel when winter settles, Montréal, la belle, is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an authentic travel experience. Here is a list of top 9 places to go in Montreal.

1. Vieux-Montréal

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Those searching to experience the distinctive culture of Montreal while wandering pleasantly around a gorgeous European-styled “old town” will no doubt revel in Vieux-Montreal, or Old Montreal. With its cobbled stone streets lined with boutiques, restaurants and buildings dating as far back as the 17th century, it is not unusual for people to forget that they are in a North American city when visiting Vieux-Montréal. Declared an historic district in 1964, Old Montreal is where you will find horse-drawn carriages carrying wide-eyed tourists around famous Montreal sights such as Place D’Armes (where the prominent Notre-Dame Basilica and Windsor Station are situated), Place Jacques-Cartier (where you can find the Bonsecours Market and The Montreal City Hall), and of course the Old Port. Vieux-Montréal is definitely among the most beautiful places to see in Montreal!

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