7 Memorable London Markets You've Got to Visit at Least Once ...

I love big cities for their large, unusual and memorable markets, and these London markets fit this category and are definitely worth a visit. If you’ve never been to one of these markets before, you’re missing out! There are some great finds and you can literally spend hours, if not days perusing them all. Some specialize in food, antiques, clothing or art work, and the artists or vendors are typically available to talk to. If you’re ever visiting the capital city of England, make sure you check out these London markets.

1. Borough Market

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This tops my list as it is one of the best London markets in terms of food and general produce available. There is always a new item being promoted each week and there’s so much on offer (both locally and internationally-speaking). Chefs, gastronomers and people that love to eat (and drink) visit simply for inspiration or to chat with the local food vendors. Borough Market is located in South London at 8 Southwark Street and the nearest tube station is London Bridge.

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