8 Marvelous Attractions of Melbourne You Should Visit ...

It isn’t just the attractions of Melbourne that make it so fabulous. This is a truly vibrant city packed with culture and such a hotbed of creativity that many Aussie trends first start in Melbourne. Whether you like interesting architecture, are into music, movies or mirth, love to shop or like to spectate at top class sports, the state capital of Victoria has more than enough to keep you occupied. Here are just some of the marvelous attractions of Melbourne.

1. Luna Park

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As one of Australia’s oldest theme parks, Luna Park is unquestionably one of the must-see attractions of Melbourne. This colorful 101 year old gem is situated on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in the historic suburb of St Kilda, roughly 6 kilometers from the city centre, and is easily recognized by the giant face of “Mr. Moon,” which sits at the entrance. Although you will find an amazing amount to see and do in the park, the rollercoaster “Scenic Railway” is the park’s prime attraction, and is said to be the oldest continually running rollercoaster in the world. Don’t be fooled by the park’s age, however. Many of the rides are brand new and guaranteed to take your breath away!

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