8 Magnificent Places to Go in Malta ...

Places in Malta are in a small island country almost lost on the Mediterranean map. Places to go in Malta include beautiful beaches, old cities surrounded by walls, archaeological remains and stunning nature. Situated some 50 miles to the south east of Sicily, Malta represents a geographical and cultural connection between Europe and North Africa, and there are many places in Malta to confirm that fact. When you decide to answer the call of this hidden jewel of the Mediterranean, here is the list of 8 magnificent places in Malta that you must visit.

1. Valletta

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According to UNESCOโ€™s World Heritage website, the Maltese capital is โ€œone of the most concentrated historic areas in the worldโ€. Such a description should already be enough to attract you to Valletta, but if you need more, here are the main features โ€“ charming old stone-paved streets, fortified complexes, baroque architecture and some amazing historical sites, like the Hypogeum, the worldโ€™s only prehistoric underground temple. One of the most fascinating places to go in Malta is the WWII Museum โ€“ The Story of Malta. The Island was awarded the George Cross for its heroic resistance to Nazi invasion.

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