7 London Bridges over the River Thames ...

The River Thames is the lifeblood of the UK capital and the London Bridges are part of the fabric of the city; some of them are among the iconic sights every visitor wants to see. You really can’t miss the London bridges even if you never cross over the River Thames during your visit.

1. Millennium Bridge

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Opened in 2000, the Millennium Bridge is one of the newest London bridges to cross the River Thames. When it was first opened, it was often called the β€œWobbly Bridge” by residents, after the bridge itself swayed from side to side when there was lots of foot traffic, and it was closed.. It took another two years for the bridge to be reopened, following maintenance work to secure the bridge for the public to cross the 144 meters to the other side of the Thames. You might recognize the bridge from the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie, where the Death Eaters destroyed the bridge in the opening scene!

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