8 Little Known but Magnificent Sights of Bangladesh ...

Bangladesh is probably as far removed from the tourist track as you can imagine, but there are some magnificent sights of Bangladesh that are being missed out on. Tourism isnโ€™t very well developed but that makes it even more of an adventure, and trust me, the effort will be worth it. You might be surprised by the magnificence of some of the sights of Bangladesh.

1. Coxโ€™s Bazar

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This name totally doesnโ€™t fit what actually is home to the longest natural beach in the world. The golden sand stretches unbroken for an incredible 78 miles. Even though it is one of the most amazing sights of Bangladesh, the lack of tourist infrastructure and the sheer length of the beach means that in some places, it is still deserted. Expect it to be busy on the weekend and holiday periods because Bangladeshis know itโ€™s there even if the travel world doesnโ€™t. The word is out though, and several large international hotel chains are planning construction in the town.

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