9 Life Changing Travel Experiences That Can Define You ...

I am firmly of the opinion that travel enriches your life. Iā€™m not talking about a 2-week vacation where you spend a few hours sightseeing and shopping and the majority of the time by the pool or on the beach. Those trips are indeed fabulous. They relax you, take you away from the cares of everyday life and rejuvenate your spirit. What Iā€™m going to share here, however, are travel experiences that will change the way you view life, make you question your status quo and yes, maybe even change your life.

1. See the Northern Lights in Finland

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Seeing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is among many people's bucket list of life changing travel experiences. Finland is best known for giving the world saunas and cute reindeer, but the Northern Lights are a Finnish product that won't come to you - you must seek it out with a snowmobile or a husky safari sledge. Travel across some of the most remote areas on Earth, peel off your balaclava and lie back in your glass-ceilinged igloo before enjoying the orange, purple, red and green hues that light up Finland's night sky.

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