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7 Lessons the UK Could Learn from Canada ...

By Breton

There is nobody out there quite like Canadians, and there are many lessons the UK could learn from this great country. Canadians are a wonderful nation of people, and I have been very fortunate to create everlasting friendships with many individuals who are proud to call themselves Canadian. Visiting such a beautiful country on two separate occasions was an unforgettable experience and made me realize that Canada has a wealth of potential still to be fulfilled. Here are seven lessons the UK could learn from the second largest country in the world.

1 Waste Not, Want Not

Canadian households are recycling larger quantities than ever before, and their level of awareness to the benefits of recycling are lessons the UK could learn from. It is reported that Britons are chucking out 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year that could have been consumed. Just think before you decide to throw anything away. Your loss could be somebody else’s gain.

2 Appreciation of Their Own Surroundings

In the UK we all crave the blistering sunshine that remains so unreliable on our own shores and forget that it is the rain that makes our country beautiful. Unlike the Canadians, we forget how scenic our own country is. All year round, Canadians enjoy nature by regularly partaking in outdoor and recreational activities such as camping or walking. Remember you don’t always need to travel to an airport to have the holiday of a lifetime.

3 Cleanliness

When I first set foot on the streets of Ottawa, I was struck instantly by the fresh air and how spotless the area was. The people of Canada take great pride in their country and this is evident in the volume of trees and green zones which can be found in all Canadian cities. It is vital in the UK that we step out of our selfish bubble and make a conscious effort to keep our public places dirt-free.

4 They Don’t Fuss about the Snow

Why is it that as soon as the UK receives an inch of snow pandemonium ensues? People use it as an easy excuse not to go to work and the whole country comes to a standstill. Canada is always prepared for large quantities of the white stuff and is able to adapt to the elements. Surely it’s time we stopped looking for excuses?

5 Poutine

When I first tried this delicious concoction, I was unable to understand the fascination that the people of Canada had with this dish. However, the second time round was pure eating heaven. Poutine is a classic Canadian dish consisting of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy. Further proof that it is the simple things in life that provide the most satisfaction. Fish and chips anyone?

6 A Word That the World Can Identify with

I am struggling to think of a word synonymous with the UK that the world can identify with. Canadians are renowned for using the word "eh." Distinctive, memorable and unashamedly Canadian. What’s wrong with that, eh?

7 Be Polite

Being polite is a part of Canadian culture. They always have time for each other and any visitors to their country. No one compares to the Canadians. You can never be too nice - like a smile it is contagious.

I hope to return to Canada in the not too distant future. It deservedly has a glowing, worldwide reputation with other countries and that is what we in the UK should strive to achieve. What other countries could the UK learn important lessons from?

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