7 Lessons the UK Could Learn from Canada ...


There is nobody out there quite like Canadians, and there are many lessons the UK could learn from this great country. Canadians are a wonderful nation of people, and I have been very fortunate to create everlasting friendships with many individuals who are proud to call themselves Canadian. Visiting such a beautiful country on two separate occasions was an unforgettable experience and made me realize that Canada has a wealth of potential still to be fulfilled. Here are seven lessons the UK could learn from the second largest country in the world.

1. Waste Not, Want Not

Canadian households are recycling larger quantities than ever before, and their level of awareness to the benefits of recycling are lessons the UK could learn from. It is reported that Britons are chucking out 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year that could have been consumed. Just think before you decide to throw anything away. Your loss could be somebody elseโ€™s gain.

Appreciation of Their Own Surroundings
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