7 Lesser-Known Beaches of Florida ...

If you’re put off visiting the Sunshine State because you think it’s too touristy, the lesser-known beaches of Florida will change your mind. The long coastline on both east and west sides of Florida offer some glorious beaches where crowds are definitely not a main feature. I’m sure these lesser-known beaches of Florida won’t disappoint.

1. Vero Beach

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It may be among the lesser-known beaches of Florida, but it's definitely a formidable gem on the Treasure Coast of Atlantic Florida. Thanks to its location in the Indian River Lagoon, you'll find it an outstanding spot for flat-water kayaking. You can enjoy other recreational facilities as well – kayak, jet skis, boats, and other beach rentals are also available. Divers will also love this location, especially due to several shipwrecks along the coastline that make for impressive diving sites.

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