7 Lesser Known Attractions in the Caribbean ...

We all know that the islands are brimming with beautiful tropical beaches, lush green rainforests and crystal blue seas, but what about some of the lesser known attractions in the Caribbean? It can be so easy to label this region as merely being somewhere you go for sun, sea and sand, but maybe these lesser known attractions in the Caribbean will make you change your mind.

1. Saba

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The first of the lesser known attractions in the Caribbean I’d like to share with you is a whole island. The charm that is Saba rarely hits the tourist radar and it is such a shame (although if the secret gets out … enough said!) This little island is an absolute gem. If you were wondering if there is a slice of paradise in the Caribbean where the hand of commercialism hasn’t grabbed hold, it is the volcanic peak that it essentially Saba. Nature’s pristine bounty is just as beautiful underwater as it is on land, and Saba offers superb diving. If you want to experience the Caribbean without the crowds, you can’t go wrong with Saba. But, please note, there are no beaches here.

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