7 Lesser Known Ancient Ruins in Europe to Take You Back in Time ...

We all know of Stonehenge, the Parthenon and the Colosseum, but what about some of the lesser known ancient ruins in Europe? The Roman and Greek Empires covered massive areas and left their mark everywhere that had been conquered, and when you add the Moors and the Turks into the mix, the lesser known ancient ruins of Europe are all over the continent.

1. Segesta, Italy

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Something of a mirage in the setting of modern day Italy, Segesta makes for one of the most bizarre ancient ruins of Europe when paired with the busy highway from Palermo to Trapani in Sicily. Comprised of a stunning unfinished hilltop temple and an amazing amphitheatre, the site is extremely well preserved, especially considering that the structures there are believed to date back to roughly 430BC. If you’re lucky enough to visit the region in the summer months, you may even be treated to one of the great concerts held in the amphitheatre!

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