10 Least Unhealthy Snack Foods at the Airport ...

Unhealthy snack foods are everywhere tempting us with their sugary and fatty delights. You don’t have to be a regular traveller to know that there is a huge range of food available even at the airport. From burgers to sandwiches to a la carte menus and local specialities, the variety of airport food is endless. But have you ever wondered which the healthiest options that are available to you are? Although fast food outlets aren’t famous for healthy options, you can still make some well informed choices so your pre-flight snack isn’t laden with those damaging calories undoing all that hard work you’ve done to get your bikini body. Here are the 10 Least Unhealthy Snack Foods at the Airport:

1. Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal

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Steel-cut oats are guaranteed to keep you feeling satisfied for a long time and optional nuts can be added to boost your protein intake. It’s also a fantastically healthy way to offset your spicy latte (skinny, of course).

2. Dunkin Donuts Egg White Flatbread

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If you must head for DD, this is the best of their foods at the airport. Whilst it may not be exactly healthy, it is definitely the least unhealthy choice of this menu. It does pack a hearty protein punch as well as being delicious.

3. Turkey Sandwich

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Here’s a trick that you can try out for yourself. Buy a turkey sandwich and take out some of the turkey, there’s always loads on there, and put it into a bag for later. When you next get hungry, you can squeeze on some relish to create a high protein, tasty second snack. It isn’t often that you can find a bargain food at the airport but this one is at least good value for money.

4. Soup

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Avoid creamy soups whenever possible and stick to the ones that are rich in vegetables. Try to give the saltines, croutons and crackers a miss as well.

5. Bagel & Cream Cheese

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This may not be how you normally eat a bagel but it is just as satisfying and only has half of the fat and carbs. Rather than ordering a sandwich bagel as airport food, just ask for your choice of bagel to be sliced with a portion of cream cheese. Partially hollow out the bagel with your fingers and spread the cream cheese into the hollow.

6. Fresh Fruit

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Use some common sense here and only pick the freshest looking fruits. Apples are always a great choice as food at the airport, or indeed anywhere and will also act as a breath freshener. Avoid fruit cups that have been pre packed if possible as they may be old, mushy and unsatisfying.

7. Flatbread Sandwich

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One of the worst things you can eat before sitting on a plane for a long time is a lot of carbs. But if you do want a sandwich, opt for flatbreads or wraps filled with water rich vegetables to help with your hydration and proteins which will keep you satisfied for longer.

8. Yogurt

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This is a great choice for those of you with a sweet tooth, that are in need of food at the airport. It can also help with sleep if you are feeling jet lagged or have get the red eye. Greek yoghurt is ideal or if you want fruit yoghurt, opt for one with reduced sugar content.

9. Pop Chips

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Salty snacks and foods are best avoided pre-flight as they can cause in-flight bloat, but if you are desperate for a chip fix then try pop chips as they have slightly less sodium than others.

10. Granola Bars

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Go for the ones with a limited number of ingredients, and only ones that you can pronounce! Kashi and Nature’s Valley are both great choices. Put a couple into your cabin bag before you leave home.

So there you have it ladies, some of the Least Unhealthy Snack Foods at the Airport. Stick to what you know, eat sensibly and you won’t go too far wrong. Chances are if it is good for your body on the ground it will still be good for your body whilst it is in the air! Airport food doesn’t have a good reputation but if you buy wisely, you can still make some healthy choices.

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