7 Islands in Thailand to Escape to ...

Have you visited any islands in Thailand? Recent years have been a bit of a nightmare for the country’s PR, with everything from scary demonstrations in 2010 and the tsunami that caused chaos, and even the dodgy 18-30 reputation that some parts of the island have gained. It seems Thailand is finally ready to unveil its true colors, though, and there are some amazing places to visit. Here are the islands in Thailand you definitely shouldn’t miss!

1. Phuket…

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Phuket is probably one of the most famous islands in Thailand, but there is only really one region that people know. Patong, Kata and Karon are famous for being cheap and ideal for stag nights, with sex-themed bars, chain hotels and cheap lodgings. Fortunately, that’s only a very small part of Phuket! The rest of the island is a beautiful and tranquil destination, and it’s ideal for exploring other parts of Thailand from. You definitely shouldn’t miss the beaches, either!

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