7 Intriguing Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon ...

Honeymoons are meant to be exciting and romantic, which is why it's essential to know some intriguing ways to spend your honeymoon. It is during your honeymoon that you take your first adventure as a married couple. This is why you should choose a location that is fun and exciting for you both. To achieve this goal, let's learn seven intriguing ways to spend your honeymoon.

1. Parlez-vous Francais?

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Paris is still one of the most intriguing European locales, and visiting is still among the excellent ways to spend your honeymoon. The Eiffel Tower is still a favorite of mine. I love it so much I even have Eiffel Tower lamps. The wondrous architecture sends my steampunk loving heart aflutter. If you venture into France to visit this beautiful city, make sure you go to the Orangerie; it's a must see.

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