7 Intriguing Small Towns in the US That You Should Visit ...

There are a lot of intriguing small towns in the US that you should visit. Even though most of these places will not offer you everything that larger tourist cities have to offer, they are usually cheaper to visit. Also if you can or if you live nearby one of them, you can even take a day trip and enjoy that beautiful experience that they will offer you. Most of America’s hidden gems and smaller cities get ignored or they are often overshadowed by famous cities with big tourism budgets, so there are a lot of underrated cities that truly deserve a visit. Here are 7 intriguing small towns in the US that should put on your itinerary in your next vacation:

1. Lake Placid, New York

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First of all you should know that New York as a whole is quite different from New York City. It actually has a lot of greenery and also, quite a few lakes and streams of various sizes dotting the natural landscape. Lake Placid was once the site of the winter Olympics and it still hosts a lot of athletic competitions now days too. You could take a gondola up the nearby mountain and have an awesome view of Lake Placid or you could visit the site of the Olympic Games.

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