7 Worthwhile Spots in Virginia to Visit on Your Next Vacation ...

There are a wealth of stunning spots in Virginia, although most visitors seem to lean toward the historical and political sights in Northern Virginia or the big name tourist spots, such as Virginia Beach and Busch Gardens. All of those are incredible spots as well, but there are dozens of lesser known places that I think everyone passing through the genteel Southern state would love visiting. I loved them when I lived there for five years, and I still love them. The next time you're on vacation in the area, think about stopping by one or two of these picturesque spots in Virginia!

1. Jamestown

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Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most popular tourist spots in Virginia, and with good reason. It's an excellent place to visit, gorgeous and wonderfully authentic. If you want something a little off the beaten path, however, I suggest historic Jamestown. You'll find lots of settlement choices on this list, because I love those things! At Jamestown, you'll get to go on a fantastic walking tour that guides you through the original Jamestown settlement. You'll get to see wonderful galleries, lots of replicas of ships, weaponry, and other old-time necessities, and you can even see an archaeological dig or two.

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