12 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Hit the Great Outdoors ...


12 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Hit the Great Outdoors ...
12 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Hit the Great Outdoors ...

‌‌ My favorite Instagrammers are definitely travelers. i never grow bored of seeing fabulous photos of our gorgeous Earth. And lately, I've been inspired by the growing number of female conservationists, scientists and explorers who have started presenting travel and wildlife programs on British TV. So when I came across this list of female adventurers on Brit+Co.com I thought you'd love to see it too. if you want to be inspired, or just be in awe, check them out.

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Caroline Foster claims New Zealand as home, but it’s clear her heart and soul aren’t tethered to any one place. Her Insta is punctuated by sweeping vistas of less-traveled roads, snow-capped peaks, and blissed-out moments. In every photo, nature is the major player. Even when she’s in the shot, Foster is miniature in comparison to the landscape, showing that we are a small but mighty piece of the puzzle.


When she was in her 20s, Liz Clark sailed off from her home in California in search of epic surf spots — a personal goal that turned into a lifestyle. More than 10 years later, she’s still roaming the high seas on a 1960s Cal-40 sailboat with the cutest first mate ever, her adventure cat Amelia (named after the pioneering aviator, naturally). She found Amelia early on in the voyage, and the “Tropicat” has had a starring role on her feed ever since, along with an impressive lineup of inspiring women who form part of her global squad.


This climber and dive master left the modeling world behind to travel the world in a 42-foot sailboat with her husband, Joshua Shankle. The two spent the first few months of their relationship traveling and backpacking together, and they haven’t slowed down since. Their loving dispatches will have you seriously rethinking the idea of “settling down.”


Oregon-native Nicole Marie is a firm supporter of girls getting out and adventuring. She started @womenwhohike with fellow outdoor enthusiast @savnorthwest. The account — on which they coordinate group hikes, highlight badass women in action, and review kickass trails — is at 140,000 followers and counting.


Canadian Morgan Lee Alain studied photography in school, and she applies her technical training to capturing the magic of nature and its wildlife. Her work focuses on conservation and environmental issues and features frequent cameos from her adorable husky, Luna.


Free diving has been around for centuries, but in recent years, more young women have started to gain recognition for their ability to explore the depths of the ocean with nothing but a pair of fins and healthy, superwoman lungs. Petra K. lives in Hawaii; just scrolling through this mermaid’s feed provides an instant reminder of the big world that exists beyond the surface.


Martina Gebarovska quit her high-paying job in film to explore the world. She’s come face-to-face with whale sharks in the Philippines, reared cows in New Zealand, fished for her dinner in Kingdom of Tonga, and swum through frozen lakes in Canada. English isn’t her first language, and still, her captions are poignant and descriptive. Though, let’s be real; no words are needed to describe the breathtaking appeal of her landscape shots.


Cristina’s profile reads: “My camera is my passport and nature is my home,” a sentiment proven through her feed that spans from the depths of the Caribbean near the Dominican Republic to villages in Papa New Guinea to alpine peaks in Norway. Her passion is ocean life, so she founded @sea_legacy to help people fall further in love with the sweet creatures that inhabit our waters.


There are plenty of incredible yogis downward-dogging their way through the globe, but Jessie caught our eye for her honest portrayal of mental illness. Amid the often over-produced world of social media, she confesses that nobody has it all figured out — no matter how many handstand pics from far-flung islands they post — but we can certainly love ourselves through the process.


Morgan is one of those non-BS girls who doesn’t do things for the likes or comments — yet she gets thousands of them. Her captions feel uncensored, peppered with struggles, successes, cute kids, and the occasional f-bomb. Follow her to see how a real woman tackles motherhood, hellish trails, rage-inducing cleanses, and sisterhood with other adventuresses.


The Argentinian photojournalist’s account goes beyond nature to include the people that make this planet a wonder. You’ll recognize her work from major mags like Conde Nast Traveler and Vogue, so you know this globe-trotter also has a keen eye for style.


Park fans will love following Renee Hahnel’s adventures as she makes her way across all 59 US National Parks and beyond. Along the way, you’ll be amazed by photos of winding roads through rust-colored canyons, remote waterfalls, glacier peaks, and some seriously sweet engagement photo inspo through the occasional snap of her and partner Matthew living out their dream life on the road.‌‌

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