12 Instagrammers πŸ“± Who Will Inspire πŸ’‘ You to Hit the Great Outdoors 🌳🌸 ...

β€Œο»Ώβ€Œο»Ώ My favorite Instagrammers are definitely travelers. i never grow bored of seeing fabulous photos of our gorgeous Earth. And lately, I've been inspired by the growing number of female conservationists, scientists and explorers who have started presenting travel and wildlife programs on British TV. So when I came across this list of female adventurers on Brit+Co.com I thought you'd love to see it too. if you want to be inspired, or just be in awe, check them out.

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Caroline Foster claims New Zealand as home, but it’s clear her heart and soul aren’t tethered to any one place. Her Insta is punctuated by sweeping vistas of less-traveled roads, snow-capped peaks, and blissed-out moments. In every photo, nature is the major player. Even when she’s in the shot, Foster is miniature in comparison to the landscape, showing that we are a small but mighty piece of the puzzle.

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