Incredible Skywalks for Girls Who Are Not Scared of Heights 😯 ...

High places afford us awesome views of cityscapes or scenic landscapes. Some of the world’s most amazing panoramas have been made accessible via the construction of skywalks and viewing platforms that will make anyone with vertigo or acrophobia shrink right into their shell. Want a breathtaking view with an element of danger? Head here:

1. Be Catwoman at the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

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The EdgeWalk experience at the 1,815.4 ft tall CN Tower in Toronto is certainly a skywalk that separates boys from men - or the Catwomen among us from flocks of fluffy chicks. Stand on the outdoor observation level some 1,122 ft up in the air and peer down through the glass floor if you dare, or hang over the edge of the tower at an altitude of 1,168 ft, strapped into a harness, and dream of action hero fame in the next "Batman" movie. It's one of the best skywalks in the world.

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