7 Incredible Must-See Places in Asia ...

The top attractions of Asia are as diverse as the continent itself. Massive countries like India and China, island nations like The Philippines , troubled states like Iraq, and countries like Turkey that has a foot in two continents, means there are many, many must see places in Asia. I have set myself an impossible task to whittle down the top attractions of Asia to just seven but I’ve done my best and I hope you approve. Presenting a mixture of cities, sights and visitor attractions, here are 7 Incredible Must See Places in Asia:

1. Singapore

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Singapore is a true Asian delight. It is a wonderful melee of Chinese, Malay, Indian and old colonial British. It lacks the chaos of other major Asian cities. Thanks to tight government controls, everything has a squeaky-clean feel; no traffic jams, public transport runs on time and streets are rubbish free. But sterility doesn’t mean lack of excitement. Singapore is one of the must see places in Asia for shopaholics and foodies. The cuisine is superb and the shopping, probably even better. At the end of a day feasting and buying, pull up a chair on the verandah of the iconic Raffles Hotel and sink a pink gin or two.

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