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7 Important Ways to Prepare for a Home Swap ...

By Alicia

I can help you with finding information on ways to prepare for a home swap. A home swap is when two parties in different areas of the country or the world decide to swap homes for a certain length of time, usually for the purpose of a vacation. It can allow you to experience a new area rent-free, giving you more money to enjoy all of the nearby attractions. But swapping homes does require some preparation and smart thinking. Let’s talk about some of the important ways to prepare for a home swap.

1 Do Your Homework

One of the very best ways to prepare for a home swap is to do your homework. Research it out. You should never enter into a home swap lightly. It needs to be given a lot of consideration and thought. It is usually better to go with an agency for representation if you are considering a home swap.

2 Sign a Contract

If you are going to do a home swap, you need to sign a contract and have a contract signed by the other party. This is just smart business sense. Your agency should handle this for you. If they do not follow the policy of having a contract signed, you should not go through with the home swap. When you are signing up with an agency, asking if they have a contract for home swaps should be one of your first questions.

3 Prepare Your Home

You need to prepare your home for a home swap. You should lock away your valuables or move them to a safe location just to be on the cautious side. You should absolutely be leaving your guest a clean and well organized home that has been prepared to meet their needs. Think of what you would like to find coming into your home. Hopefully, the home you are going to stay in will be prepared for you in the same way.

4 Make an Informational Booklet

It is really nice to make an informational booklet for your guest. You can include things like emergency numbers, you favorite choice of pizza places or other restaurants nearby and the best local groceries and delis. You can also include where to find things in your home and other instructions they may need. This takes a bit of time but can help your guest so much and make them feel very welcome in your home. And why not ask them to do the same for you?

5 Check Your Home Owners Insurance for Issues

This is something not everyone may consider but it is important. Check with your insurance agency concerning your home owner’s policy and if everything is in line. You may also want to check into your automobile coverage if you are allowing your guest to drive your car. Yes, it is another frustrating little detail. But it is so much better to take care of it now rather than regret it later.

6 Communicate Clearly with Your Guests

It is best to keep an open line of communication with your guests both before and during the visit. This can make things go so much smoother for both of you. You want to be available to answer any questions they have and ask questions of your own. This gives you a chance to express what you need from them, too. You can request things you may wish they would do in preparation for you visit.

7 Bring Your Sense of Adventure and an Open Mind

One thing is for sure. Swapping homes is sure to be an adventure. Try to go into it with an open mind and a sense of humor. You may never want to do it again or you may sign up to do it again soon. Either way, it will be a great way to make some memories.

Have you ever participated in a home swap? Or thought about doing so? I admit that the idea is intriguing to me!

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