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7 Important Reasons Why You Should Use Your Vacation Time ...

By Eliza

If you’re asking yourself why you should use your vacation time, you’ve come to the right place. Your workplace doesn’t give you that time for no reason. You might feel so busy or love your job so much that you don’t see the value in taking time off. However, if you don’t, there are consequences I promise you won’t like. Take a look at this list of reasons why you should use your vacation time and you’ll be poolside with a cocktail before you know it.

1 It Won’t Cost You

Ok, yes the vacation will cost you money. But, refusing to use up your vacation time will too and that might be the best answer for why you should use your vacation time . Many companies require you to use all your vacation time within a set period, or you forfeit it. That means that if you decide to take time later and you don’t have any, your time off won’t be paid. Check with HR and find out how much time you have, so you can plan to take it when your workload is lighter or you need to go out of town for a friend’s wedding or your niece’s baptism.

2 Stress Relief

No doubt your job is just as stressful as mine. There are weeks when I’m going nonstop, but if I have to keep it up for long periods, my stress level builds. Taking a break when things slow down gives you a chance to recharge and come back to work refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. There’s nothing like a long weekend or week in the tropics to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for anything.


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3 You Earned It

Think about it this way. Your vacation time is often part of your benefits package, so skipping it is like working for free. Yes, you’ll still get the same paycheck, but your salary might be adjusted to compensate for your time off when you’re hired. If you’re offered time off, but don’t have to give up any of your cash, why wouldn’t you take it?

4 It’s Good for Your Health

This goes back to reason #2. Stress can affect your sleep habits, make you crave unhealthy foods and generally leave you feeling down and depressed. If you go ahead and take a vacation, you’ll be surprised how quickly your stress levels ratchet down and you’ll feel a lot better overall. So, don’t spend your vacation time at the office. Your health depends on that week off, even if you don’t do anything except lounge at home and sleep in.

5 You Won’t Get Angry

Even if you love your job, spending too much time there can lead to resentment and anger – toward your coworkers and your boss. Never getting a break can make you tired and the mundane nature of the same old tasks at work can leave you feeling resentful. Taking time away means you’ll come back to your office ready to take on all the things that were making you mad a couple weeks ago. It’ll be shocking how much less resentful you feel after a break.

6 It Keeps You Productive

Stress, burnout and fatigue can interfere with how effective you are on the job. After days and months of performing the same job day after day, not matter how much you enjoy it, you’ll start slacking off or just getting through it, even if you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing. A few days or weeks away gives you a fresh pair of eyes to see new projects and old festering ones so you can increase your productivity and get more creative at work.

7 It’s Fun

Every girl deserves a vacation. Not only because it’s good for your performance and health, but also because it’s fun to go away. Think about long sunny days of sipping margaritas and shopping in your swimsuit. Read on the beach, peruse antique shops or stay home and watch all those movies you’ve wanted to see for ages. Fun is fun and you don’t need a reason to have some.

Why would you skip a vacation? What’s your favorite place to get away to?

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