7 Idyllic Islands of the South Pacific ...

The Islands of the South Pacific immediately conjure up images of paradise. Softly swaying palm trees, sparkling azure waters and sugar soft sands, all come to mind. Some of the South Pacific islands I’m picking out for you, will be familiar names, others will be new to you, but each is a stunning destination for a dream vacation. Whether you’re planning a vacation, or just daring to dream, here are 7 Idyllic Islands of the South Pacific:

1. Aitutaki, the Cook Islands

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The Cook Islands are in the heart of the Pacific and belong to New Zealand. It is only reachable by airplane from the largest of the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) or a ferry, but that only operates once a month. There are but 2,000 people living on Aitutaki which is mainly a spectacular sunken lagoon. As you can imagine with such a setting, the beaches are sublime. The way of life is laid back – traditional with a hint of 21st century. There’s not much to do here other than enjoy life Polynesian style, and of course, revel in the gorgeous surroundings.

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