7 Iconic Railway Trips That Capture Yesteryear Travel ...

These days we tend to see the train as a way for getting from A to B, but there are some glorious railway trips that will take you on an experience redolent of the days when this really was the way to travel in style. Thereโ€™s something romantic about a luxurious train carriage, being looked after by waiters in the dining car, and having your bed turned down by a porter while the most magnificent scenery is all viewed through the huge windows. These railways journeys donโ€™t come cheap, but you are guaranteed the most sumptuous refurbished or brand new carriages and top-notch service as you traverse some of the most-favored routes from yesteryear. Here are some iconic railway trips Iโ€™d love to take.

1. The Simplon-Orient Express

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No matter the competition, the Orient Express will always stand out as the most iconic and romantic of railway trips and indeed has been immortalized in the movies. Todayโ€™s journey follows the same route from Paris to Istanbul but shorter trips are available connecting London to Paris to Venice to Prague to Budapest and Bucharest โ€“ some of the most fantabulous cities in Europe. The coaches are vintage, and although these days are pulled by electric locomotives rather than steam engines, itโ€™s the interiors that matter and the sites you see outside.

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