How to See 😍 the World 🌍 on a Budget: 4 Helpful Tips and Tricks πŸ€— ...


Do you want to know how to see the world on a budget?

If you have just finished college or have decided to take a gap year, or are even ready to tick some more countries off your bucket list, most people at some point or other in their lives dream of just packing up and going to see what’s out there in the wide world.

Each person may have something already in mind, such as trips that are steeped in history, wild nature-filled safaris, or getting a taste of some foreign and exotic cultures (and food!).

Even so, many just brush such imaginings aside because of the perceived fortune such an adventure may cost - but that doesn’t have to necessarily be the case.

There are so many places to go and things to do which can even be achieved on a student budget. But how you ask? Here are some simple, yet effective ways of making those travel dreams a reality.


The most important and costly things to consider are generally the air tickets and the accommodation, which to be honest can really pinch the pocket of potential spending on your journey. To get the best value for your money on air travel, you should look into budget options available for each country. There are usually local or regional airlines which offer much better prices than bigger carriers, such as FlyMango in South Africa, which really undercuts the big players.

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