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How to Party Hard on Holiday without Spending a Ton of Cash ...

By Neecey

Destinations like San Antonio in Ibiza, Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Miami, USA call to us with their daytime attractions, but so much more so for their fantastic nightclubs. In fact, head to any of the top clubbing destinations and you’re most likely not to see much daytime. Partying the night away and dancing ‘til the sun comes up can be hard on the pocket, but it needn’t be if you know how to save money before you go and when you get there. Here’s how to make a clubbing holiday more affordable:

1 Set up Alerts for Flight Prices

You would be surprised by just how much the price of flights to many destinations change by the week, by the day and sometimes even by the hour. One of the best ways to save money on clubbing holidays is to set up price drop alerts for your desired destination. This way you will be guaranteed to get the very best fare for your flight, leaving you with more money to spend when you get there!

2 Be Flexible with Dates & Times

It is very often the case that flights to exactly the same airport can vary by significant amounts of money depending on what day you choose to travel, even sometimes by what time of day as well. The best idea for saving holiday money would be to allow yourself a couple of days either side of your holiday to be able to pick and choose the cheapest possible flight times and dates available.


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3 Search for Hotel Deals

Use a few sneaky detective skills when searching for your holiday destination hotel. Make a point not to go for the very first hotel and price you see. There are a number of brilliant comparison sites on the internet that you can tailor to your specific needs and find the very best hotel, villa or holiday apartment in your desired country. Make sure your have completely exhausted your options before you make the final decision.

4 Don’t Buy All Your Drinks at the Club

The price difference between drinks from the local store and drinks in a popular holiday nightclub can sometimes be completely shocking. Of course, you will want to indulge in a few posh cocktails at the bar, but a great way to save some money is to have a few pre-drinks before you leave your accommodation, meaning that you won’t have to spend so much cash when you get to the club. Drinking responsibly is advised, of course!

5 Make Friends with Club Promoters

Do not underestimate just how much power and sway the guys giving out the leaflets have when it comes to getting in to clubs! Try and make friends with one or two promoters along the main strips and you will be surprised by how many free drinks and free entry in to some of the best nightclubs you might have the pleasure of receiving.

6 Hit up Your Social Media

Be generous with the amount of praise you give the clubs you visit on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes, liking a club’s page makes you privy to a number of special deals and discounts that you will be able to use on your next visit. A little bit of love can go a long way sometimes!

7 Assessing Your Clubbing Options Beforehand

Just because a club is the biggest or the most advertised, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is going to be the cheapest night out. Take some time to assess your options before choosing a club for the night. You would be surprised at some of the great offers smaller nightclubs employ to get people through the door. After all, as long as all your friends are with you, you’ll have a brilliant night out no matter where you go, right?

See you can party hard and make your holiday budget go far with a little planning and some thought. Are clubbing holidays your kinda thing?

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