How to Make Your First Trip with a New Boyfriend a Success ...

By Neecey

How to Make Your First Trip with a New Boyfriend a Success ...

Your first trip as a couple is a wonderful milestone in your relationship. It's even more so if the excitement is raised a level because you do not live together. But this joy needs to be tempered with the fact that it’s the first time you’ll be with each other 24/7 for a prolonged period. Whether a weekend or a fortnight, your first trip is going to teach you a lot about each other. There are a few things you can do to ensure a great first trip.

1 Be Sure You’re Comfortable around Each Other

You may have been intimate in the bedroom, but have you been immersed in each other’s lives enough so that you don’t have to be embarrassed about going to the bathroom, for example? Or being seen in the stark morning light without your make up? On your first trip with your new boyfriend, being cooped up in a hotel room together is bound to bring a few unpleasant surprises if you are only a handful of dates into this relationship. Be ready to deal with these.

2 Increase the Chances of a Successful Trip by Planning It Together

Although being hit with a surprise trip is special, if you have the opportunity, your first trip is one you should plan together, so that each person gets enjoyment out of the destination as well as each other’s company. While going to a great sports event might be something that gets him excited, it may leave you completely bored. You might like to shop till you drop while your boyfriend yawns at the very thought. But if you both like skiing or both love good food, there are lots of places to go that cater to what you have in common.

3 An “extreme” Vacation is Not a Good Idea for the First Trip

One of the worst things you can do with your new boyfriend is to go on one of those trips where the weather or the situation is extreme. Forget snow or desert camping or going someplace where you have no idea what to expect. Don’t go someplace so foreign that you have no idea how to act or what’s expected of you. Don’t go places that are high risk, where you may be risking your life, such as skydiving or scaling cliffs. This puts a great deal of stress on a new relationship, so if you want to do these things, wait until you know each other better.

4 A Group Trip is an Option to Be Considered

Perhaps the first trip should be taken with a group instead of just the two of you. But be sure everyone is on the same page - if you are imagining a luxurious trip filled with champagne and caviar, and your travel mates are imagining roughing it with beers and cheap hot dogs, you may have a problem. If you are going as a group, be sure to plan together and do things that make everyone, including yourself, happy - even if you have to compromise a little here and there to get those things.

5 Score Tickets in Advance if You Are Traveling for an Event

If you are going anywhere that requires tickets, be sure you pay for and acquire those tickets before you go on your trip. It helps you know how much you are going to spend on your trip, plus it smoothes over aspects of the trip that may normally cause tension. If you are both looking forward to seeing a particular performance of some kind, how much easier it is to just get into the line that goes straight into the venue than to wait in line and take the chance that you may not get those tickets at all.

6 Limit Your Actual Travel Time with a Short Journey

Try to arrange your trip so that most of your time is spent sightseeing or doing the things you enjoy, rather than being stuck on an airplane or in a car. Being in confined circumstances can cause anyone to be cranky, and you certainly don’t want to take it out on each other when you just need a distraction from the boredom. Save the long flights to faraway places for when you’ve been together a little longer, and put as little pressure as possible into your first trip together.

7 Think Carefully about What to Pack and Pack Light

It’s the old sage advice that is still very valid in modern times. When you’re in a place far away from home, you don’t want to be dragging tons of suitcases behind you. There are several things packing light can do for you. It means you can be more spontaneous and can pack at the drop of a hat to follow unexpected adventures. It helps you be a little more low-maintenance and forces you to be creative with your wardrobe.

It’s ok to be excited and it’s ok to be a bit nervous too. Be prepared for surprises and be prepared to compromise.

How was your first trip as a couple or haven’t you had that particular joy yet?

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