How to Avoid Going Broke πŸ’Έ when You're Abroad ...

Traveling is so much fun … but it's so expensive. It's even more expensive when you get where you're going, especially if you're traveling abroad. It's not so bad if you're visiting a nearby country, but it depends on the country. Even traveling from America to Canada can put you in some financial peril if you aren't safe and smart. You shouldn't have to worry when you're traveling – not about your money, at least. And you don't have to, even when you're far from home, using an entirely new currency, immersed in a different world.

1. Save More than You Need

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Inasmuch as you can, try to estimate everything about your trip – the cost of airfare, your accommodation, how much it will cost to eat each day, travel costs during your stay, and what you want to spend on entertainment and recreation, then add extras and incidentals, such as souvenirs, emergencies, and unexpected expenditures. It seems like a lot, and it is. It might take you some time to save, but if money is an object, then you should at least set some kind of budget, even if you overestimate. Better over than other, after all.

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