7 Hot Springs Worth Springing into ...

If you’ve never had the pleasure of sinking into the cosseted ripples of hot springs, it is definitely a travel experience to add to your bucket list. Not only are thermal waters good for you, but there’s normally the bonus of them being in beautiful surroundings, so not only is your body being soothed and relaxed, there’s a sight for sore eyes too. There are hot springs in many locations around the world so why not seek one out next time you’re nearby.

1. Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland

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The famed Myvatn Nature Baths of Iceland are famed for a reason. Lying in northeast Iceland, just south of the Arctic Circle, volcanic eruptions have shaped Lake Myvatn and the landscape surrounding it, creating an ethereal crater, lava and wetland-filled environs. Open year-round, the Myvatn Naturebath hot springs offer long – really long, as the sun never sets – lazy summer days in temperate waters; while, in winter, you can watch the Northern Lights from your warm bath as snow falls gently around you.

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