7 Hot Springs to Visit for a Relaxing Vacation ...

When it gets really cold in the winter, I start to think of hot springs to visit so I can soak in the nice warm water. Hot springs are produced when geothermal ground water comes to the earth’s surface. While some are so hot they are dangerous to go in, others are a nice warm temperature. Hot springs have a high mineral content, which is said to be very healing. In fact, President Franklin Roosevelt famously went to Warm Springs, Georgia for the healing benefits of the hot springs. You don’t have to travel to Georgia to find a hot spring, there are hot springs to visit all around the world.

1. Glenwood Hot Springs

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Several years ago I went on vacation in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where there is a large hot springs. Glenwood Hot Springs is one of the largest hot springs and has been open since 1888. There are 2 pools that are fed by a spring, which delivers 3.5 million gallons of water everyday into the pools. One of the pools is quite warm and is like being in a hot tub, while the other is slightly cooler and larger. The larger pool actually has a water slide, which is a very unusual feature for a hot springs. My favorite was the smaller, warmer pool, which has jets you can turn on. Of course, I also loved the mountain scenery that I could gaze on while relaxing in the hot spring. This is just one of many fabulous hot springs to visit.

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