Holidays 💼☀️ in Paradise: ‌ ‌🏝️‌ ‌Top Island Destinations for 2018 ✈️🗺 ...

The recommendations for the top island destinations for 2018 have been drawn from the countless lists produced by the travel industry every year. The top island destinations for 2018 are an eclectic little bunch and take you around the world from Europe to the South Pacific. All that’s left is for you to decide where to go.

1. Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

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This delightful bite-size island is located 56 miles off Nicaragua’s coast (next to its sister Big Corn Island). With no cars, you can still explore the island easily. You can walk or use a bicycle along thin concreted paths and jungle trails beneath coconut, mango, and breadfruit trees. Virgin beaches are breathtaking and there’s still plenty to do when you aren’t sunbathing or enjoying the crystal clear water.

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