7 Holiday Accommodation Issues and How to Deal with Them ...


Holiday accommodation issues have the potential to completely derail your trip – if you let them. You might be of the mindset where you see your hotel or bed and breakfast room simply as somewhere to lay your head at night and can cope with most issues, but if you’re not, you’ve paid a lot of money or you’ve a family, or you’re facing something that is just not manageable, that’s a different matter. Here are the most common holiday accommodation issues and how to deal with them.

1. Disappointing Hotel

An unsatisfactory room allocation can usually be rectified by speaking to the hotel manager or package holiday representative right away, although you may have to grin and bear the room you've been given until something better becomes available. The important thing is to speak up and not suffer in silence when holiday accommodation issues arise. If the hotel itself and its services bear no resemblance to what was shown in the brochure, take as many pictures as possible or video the holiday accommodation issues that angered or disappointed you and ask for compensation. If you're forced to change hotels, because the hotel management won't rectify the problems, you'll need to write to either the hotel manager directly or to your package holiday provider, if that's how you booked your holiday, when you get home. Disappointing holiday hotels that were paid for by credit card are easier to deal with, as you can try to claim the money back with your bank when you return home. The amount will be "set aside" by the credit card provider until such time as both parties, you and the hotel, agree on adequate compensation.

Absence of a Bathtub
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