7 Hipster Havens to Get Your Groove on ...

Hipster havens, are in a word – fun! They have such a supercool vibe. Everyone is super-relaxed (even though detractors would probably say they’re “spaced out”), the pace is seemingly slow yet there’s a lot going on, and pretty much, most of the time, anything goes. If you really want to get your groove on you next trip, head for one of these hipster havens.

1. San Francisco

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From its very birth, San Fran has been and is a trendsetter. Whether in regards to technology, cuisine, fashion sense or cultural style, Frisco wears its hipster crown effortlessly...and with a slightly self-satisfied ironic smirk. The gentrified Mission District is one of the city’s many hipster havens, with its vintage offerings at Batch Made market and its hand-crafted recyclables and various knick knacks found in a wide range of shops. Any hipster will feel at home in San Francisco, where being hip and free is the unofficial motto.

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