7 Hidden Gems of South America ...

Everyone has heard of Machu Picchu, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Amazon, but there are hidden gems of South America just as worthy of attention. From north to south, the continent has landscapes to surprise and amaze. Let’s have a quick whizz around the continent and take a peek at some of the hidden gems of South America.

1. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

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Tucked in the southwest Altiplano of Bolivia near Chile, lies one of the many hidden gems of South America, the Laguna Colorado. Translated to β€œRed Lagoon,” this shallow salt lake, with its strange coloration and its incredible surroundings, does not disappoint. Flamingos flock amongst geysers and hot springs, with water of a deep red hue, which is due to the pigmentation of the algae and plankton thriving in the high salt density of their environs. The remarkable allure of this place makes it all the more surprising that it’s not a tourist hotspot...but, then again, all the more reason to make it yours.

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