Here Are 7 Fabulous Places to Celebrate the UN Year of Light ...

2015 is the United Nations Year of Light. To my mind, that’s a perfect excuse to get away to visit some incredibly illuminating places.

1. Lantern Festival, China

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An ancient festival with its roots in The Western Han Dynasty or even earlier, thousands of lighted paper lanterns rise into the night sky to create a magical scene. During the festival, children will try to solve riddles on the lanterns, and to adults, letting go of the lantern into the sky can be symbolic for letting go of problems. The lanterns are almost always red to symbolize good fortune. In Hong Kong, the festival is celebrated as a Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day, but the best place for viewing is Zigong in the Sichuan Province, where lantern making has become an art form. In 2015, the festival falls on March 5.

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