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7 Helpful Tips on Eating Healthy While Traveling ...

By Lisa

If you’re taking a trip this summer, allow me to offer up some tips on eating healthy while traveling. Although part of the fun in taking a trip is to enjoy some decadent eats, we still want to stay healthy for the most part! Splurge smart and spend the rest of your trip eating wisely so you don’t end up feeling guilty for overindulging! Keep reading for seven tips for eating healthy while traveling.

1 Pack Snacks

Part of eating healthy while traveling is to pack your own snacks or meals when you can. If you’re traveling by air you’re probably limited to what you can buy at the airport, which can get costly. If you’re traveling by car, bus or train, you’ve got many more options! Make sure you pack healthy food such as fruit, boiled eggs, air popped popcorn, veggies or nuts so you’re not tempted by sweets or fast food.

2 Research

Before you head out, make sure you research the area you’re staying. Will you be staying at a friend’s house or are you staying at a hotel surrounded by fast food joints? Are there grocery stores nearby that you can hit up for some healthy alternatives? Check all this out beforehand so you’re not left making hasty decisions on what to eat. This can also help you plan out good places to exercise if you plan on working out while you’re gone.

3 Look for Healthy Foods

When you’re on the road and your tummy starts rumbling, always check the menu for healthy items. Most places will offer a few healthy alternatives like salad, sandwiches with lean protein or wraps. Customize your food, nix any extra sauces and get the dressing on the side. Also, make sure you look around before you settle for the first vendor!

4 Stay Hydrated

While you’re traveling you don’t want to just eat healthy, but also drink healthy! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and set the sugary drinks aside. It’s most likely going to be hot so keep cool, fight jet lag and quench your thirst the healthy way with water! If you can, carry a water bottle with you and just get water refills. It’s cheaper and better for the environment than buying tons of water bottles wherever you go.

5 Limit Alcohol

Another key to staying healthy while traveling is to limit your alcohol intake. Enjoying a few drinks here and there isn’t going to hurt anyone, but in order to stay healthy, steer clear of high-calorie, high-sugar drinks for the most part. Instead, opt for a glass of wine or drinks with club soda, which are lighter and just as enjoyable!

6 Don’t Forget to Eat Breakfast

Another important part of staying healthy while traveling is to eat your breakfast! Don’t start your day off on an empty stomach. You probably have tons of things on your itinerary, so don’t forget to fuel up on a healthy breakfast before you head out! Skipping breakfast can affect your metabolism while eating will give you an energy boost to power through the day!

7 Enjoy Yourself

Although eating healthy is essential for a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to give yourself a break and enjoy your vacation! If you end up indulging a little too much, don’t beat yourself up! You’ve taken this time off to have fun and experience life, so go out there and do it!

Staying healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be tough or boring! There are plenty of ways to enjoy great food and drinks while staying on track. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy all that your trip has to offer, just do it all in moderation! Do you have any healthy eating tips you want to share?

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