7 Heart-shaped Islands Perfect for a Honeymoon ...

Heart-shaped islands must be the perfect destination for honeymoons. Really โ€“ nothing could be better matched than a holiday to celebrate your love than a place that is shaped like the symbol of love. Hereโ€™s proof positive that Mother Nature is a romantic, with a quick tour of some of the heart-shaped islands around our wonderful world.

1. Makepeace Island, Australia

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If thereโ€™s one time in your life when you want to switch round the classic slogan and make love not peace, itโ€™s here. One of the most obviously heart-shaped islands sits in Australiaโ€™s Noosa River on the Sunshine Coast. The island is Sir Richard Bransonโ€™s home down under and is a luxurious resort that can accommodate 22 guests. Enjoy the islandโ€™s facilities and also the gorgeous beaches nearby. Once called Pig Island โ€“ Iโ€™m so glad they changed the name.

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