Head to the Beaches of the Pacific North West for a Summer to Remember ...

Irrespective of where we are, many of us head south for our summer vacation, in search of sunnier climes. This year, for a change, turn your sights northwards because there are magnificent beaches in places with a bit less sun. The gorgeous beaches of the Pacific North West will not disappoint.

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Cannon Beach is the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend, and is one of the best beaches of the Pacific Northwest. It gets its name from a cannon that washed ashore from a Navy schooner in the mid 1800s - a cannon still displayed along Highway 101 near where you turn off to go into town. Tide pools await the curious, and the gentle wind is usually strong enough to fly kites. A small stream runs down to the beach, which is a great place for kids to swim if they aren’t big enough to swim in the ocean. Central to this beach is Haystack Rock, a giant monolith that serves as a refuge for seabirds. The town has a plethora of tiny shops and restaurants to suit almost any taste.

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